What to visit

The António Borges Garden is a public park in Ponta Delgada designed in the romantic style of XIXth century gardens. It is filled with hundreds of exotic species brought over from every continent by its founder, António Borges de Medeiros, who was a XIXth century businessman and politician with a keen interest in Botany. In 1957 Ponta Delgada town hall bought the garden from Medeiros’ heirs and it has since been used for multiple sporting, cultural and leisure activities.  

San’tana Gardens are the beautiful gardens surrounding the Presidency Palace in Ponta Delgada, a regional monument. It too was designed in the XIXth century and contains many exotic plants as well as a lagoon and is said to be magnificent. Both the palace and gardens have received presidents, monarchs and royal family members from around the world. 

The José do Canto Garden is an Azorean botanical garden in Ponta Delgada, projected by José do Canto on his wife´s property shortly after their marriage. It was started in 1843 and over the years, Canto had about 6000 different species planted in the garden of which he kept a detailed catalogue.