Tax Free: how it works at our Shopping Centre

Portugal has a unique charm. If you are visiting our beautiful country, we are sure you will take home wonderful memories. If you also want to take home gifts, souvenirs or products that have a reduced price here, rest assured that you can recover the VAT of the products purchased, when visiting our Shopping Centre.

All you need to qualify for a VAT refund is to live outside of Europe and for your purchase to be over €50. To recover the VAT, certification is required and can be obtained at the new electronic kiosks located at the airport, eliminating the need for the usual counters and queues.

Thus, when you leave our country, you can recover the VAT of purchases made, using the certificate for the respective invoices. e-Tax-Free allows you to do this in a simple step: placing your passport through the reader and then selecting the invoices that qualify for a refund. The last step is to go to the financial intermediaries located at any airport to receive the money to which you are entitled.

If in doubt, go to one of the tax and customs (or Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira – AT) offices who will help you with whatever you need. Simple, isn’t it?

Enjoy our country and everything it has to offer. You can count on us and our Shopping Centre to provide you with the best brands and products, and a gastronomy like no other.

Enjoy your stay!