Safety & Health

At Sonae Sierra, we are committed to implementing a zero risk culture and we intend to make sure that the health of our Stakeholders is never put at risk. Our ongoing work in this area through our project Personae has led us to implement our strategies for the promotion of safe behavior and risk reduction in our shopping centres and construction sites – strategies which have revealed to be quite effective. Such strategies include the Safety Preventive Observation (SPO), a form of behavioral auditing designed to identify unsafe working conditions.

Apart from SPO’s, we regularly offer professional training in Health and Safety to collaborators, shopkeepers and business providers in all of the countries where we operate, and we meet locally with those Stakeholders at the monthly Health and Safety Meetings.

We also recognize the need to ensure that those who visit our shopping centres are subject to minimal health and safety risks. Given the number of people that visit us, we pay the utmost attention to the rigour of the emergency plans we conceive and to testing them through emergency situation rehearsals. Every year at least 2 drills are performed by Centre, with various scenarios.

To ensure that health and safety has a solid performance, Sonae Sierra opted to implement a management system for occupational health and safety in accordance with the requirements of the international standard OHSAS 18001. Thus, as the Director and main responsible for occupational health and safety of the AlgarveShopping Centre, Carla Martins, and the entire management team of the Centre undertake to develop and implement a policy, goals and health and safety plans, that take into consideration the existing rules and legislation, risk assessments and involving all the people who visit or work at the Centre.

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